Goodies Down South || You’ve Got Baked!

Laguna has always been a haven for me. I’ve lived there since I was 5 and our subdivision was simple yet very dreamy–kind neighbors and peaceful surroundings. I’m temporarily living in Manila because of college but when I get the chance to go back to Laguna, I do. When I went there last December 2013 for a vacation, my Tito and cousin kept telling me non-stop about this new bakery that’s right in front of our house. I’m a sucker for coffee shops and… well, coffee. So you can just imagine how happy I was upon hearing the news!

Without even the slightest hesitation, I visited the place. And, well, it was tons better than Starbucks. Ready for the big reveal? 

I was so excited to go in that I actually forgot to take a picture of what it looks like from the outside!


You’ve Got Baked is a very simple and girly yet artsy coffee shop.  When you enter, you’re sure to notice the wall that is decked with polaroid photos. The great thing about You’ve Got Baked is that they value their customers and that’s why they make sure that they take your picture using their Instax. I’m not sure why but I think their staff is really good with faces because they can tell if you’re a first-time customer or not. (Most of the time. They forgot to take my picture during my first visit.) After showing you the photo, they’ll go and post it on the wall. Cool, right?


If you notice the picture above, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of options when it comes to cupcakes. This was taken a long time ago and I can assure you that they’ve created more than 10 cupcake variants. The usual stuff you can expect here is the Red Velvet Cupcakes. It just seems to be popular and available wherever you go!

As I took in the coffee shop’s interiors, I saw the best part of the place which made me say that it’s way better than Starbucks–the bookshelf!


Their bookshelf is literally a hole in the wall. Famous titles such as Harry Potter and The Fault In Our Star can be seen here. There are other books I’m actually not familiar with and that’s saying a lot because I usually peruse the bookstores way too often. I’m guessing that the owner is an avid book reader!

Speaking about the owner, I was actually surprised to find out that she’s a friend of a friend. She’s a college undergraduate like me and we study in the same University! What’s awesome about her is that she’s the one who comes up with new cupcake variants and bakes them herself!


For my first visit, I got myself an iced latte and a small red velvet cupcake. Oh, did I mention that they have a table with a lot of board games underneath? They also have magazines but they’re always about weddings or flowers.

I’ve yet to photograph what YGB looks like today because it’s changed a lot since December 2013. More cupcakes, more polaroid photos, more books, more customers!

Wondering how to go to this dreamland? If by commute:

  1. Ride a BUS that’s headed for Balibago. Tell the conductor that you’re going down at Coke. (It’s the first stop once you enter Sta. Rosa via SLEX)
  2. Ride a tricycle and say that you’re going to Laguna Bel Air.
  3. Go down at Mcdo.
  4. Either wait for a shuttle (it’s a white L300 with ‘shuttle’ written on it) or walk towards the village that’s beside Metrobank.
  5. Tell the driver that you’re going to the KTAK Gym (or just You’ve Got Baked but KTAK is a bit more known)
  6. If you’re walking, just walk along the main road. You’re going to see the sign on a building to your right.

If you’ve got your own transportation:

  1. Get on the SLEX and enter Sta. Rosa
  2. Go right once you’re past the toll gate.
  3. Continue driving until you see Mcdo (once you see it, stay on the left lane)
  4. Tell guards that you’re headed towards KTAK Gym (or YGB)
  5. Drive on the main road until you see a building on the right near the end of the main road. (The YGB sign can be seen if you’re paying attention)

So to sum everything up…

Interiors: 5/5

Price: 4.5/5
The prices of their products are way, way cheaper than most coffee shops. Php50 for hot tea? I’m sold because it’s refillable too! Php85 for a glass of Iced Latte? You can’t get any better than that, really. Cupcakes are around 40-60 each, depending on what you get. They don’t skimp on quality either so you get your money’s worth.

Cupcakes: 3.5/5
They’re really good but don’t set the bar too high because after all, they’re still starting out. Count on them to improve over time!

Drinks: 4.5/5
Their iced latte can actually compete with Starbucks, Krispy Kreme or other local coffee shops out there. It’s your usual cup of coffee–no art, no craft, just plain ol’ goodness. I’m not picky with my coffee–I drink what tastes good. Trust me, this is.

Service: 5/5
They serve you as if you’re the king or queen of the town!

Overall Impression: 5/5
If you’re considering everything about the coffee shop–interiors, location, price range, products–this is a fiver, especially if you live just around the corner. Plus points because it’s in front of my house and I can go anytime I want!

That’s actually it! Just putting my thoughts about this new place out there. Have you tried visiting? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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