Did someone say… GIANT CHICKEN?! || Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Once upon a time while my best friend and I were biking, we’ve had this awesome idea of stopping over for a snack at Mall of Asia. We were both broke, by the way. We needed something cheap but filling. We also needed that energy charge because we’ve been biking for almost 2 hours and around 15kms tops. (We were both beginners.)

While I was pedaling through the Manila traffic, a thought came to my mind. Why not try Hot Star? It’s near MOA anyway. So I shouted at my best friend to stop over at Bluebay Walk so that we can check out the place.

When we saw Hot Star, it reminded me greatly of a small shack I frequently see in the movies. You know the scenes with beaches and there are shacks serving milkshakes and fries? Yeah. The store’s a comforting shade of blue. Perfect for unwinding.

We chose a seat outside the store because we had our bikes with us and we were just too tired to fold it up and bring it inside. We both ordered an original large fried chicken with rice and drinks. Waiting time was around 10 minutes or so. When it arrived, it looked something like this:

Hot Star's Large Friend Chicken


The cup of rice is your normal-sized serving so you can just see how huge that is. It takes up more than half the space of the plate. Also, at first, I expected that this was a chicken fillet. It is, actually…. Until you reach the upper part. The upper part has bones and while that may be bothersome to a few people, it isn’t to me. It’s not, because when I hit the area with the bone, I was already very full!

For all you gravy-lovers out there, I don’t think Hot Star will fall short to your expectations. They have a gravy dispenser where you can get free flowing gravy. They call it “rice gravy” though and I’m not sure why. Only when I was finished eating with my best bud did I realize that maybe the gravy was supposed to be placed on the rice instead of on the chicken. I did the latter. Meh.

The Largeness That Is Hot Star's Chicken


Just in case you guys still aren’t believing how big ass this chicken is. My hand’s a regular-sized hand.

My best bud said that without gravy, the chicken was quite blah. But for me, it was okay. Php 145 for the whole deal was already worth the money. It can fill up a biker’s stomach! Maybe next time we can try other options. They also have a Crispy Large Fried Chicken, BBQ Large Fried Chicken and Original Large Fried Fish. Nothing over 150 pesos, I assure you. If you’re adding rice and drinks, it will go over 150.

To summarize everything….

Price point: 4/5
Taste: 3/5
Restaurant Ambience: 4.5/5
Value for your money: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

If ever I find myself stuck in the MOA area, I’d definitely come back to this place. It’s a good place to hang out, share a can of soda with a bud or two. Plus, there are a lot of bikers in the area. Go visit in the afternoon because that’s probably the best time to enjoy the view that is in front of Hot Star. It’s just a small field but the ambience is quite amazing, if you ask me.

Have you ever been to Hot Star? I’ve heard they’re also available in other countries. Don’t forget to share your experience!



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