The Almost MD: What Is This Blog Made Out Of?

I could say that it’s made out of food since that’s one of my most favored interests. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

I’ve recently joined Blogging 101 and this is the first assignment. Which brings me to the question: what is this blog made out of? What is it about? But first, hello! This is Tam, a pre-medical student who loves food, beauty and travel.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now. I blog quite rarely though and I’ve recently cleaned up to make way for a blog that’s less personal. I’ve reserved my personal thoughts for other social media platforms because it’s mostly just personal thoughts and rants that don’t deserve a whole blog post. I’ve started blogging my interests here recently because I like sharing stuff about food, beauty and travel. These things interest me the most and give a splash of color to my world. I have a lot of thoughts and I know that these thoughts have the ability to create an impact on others. It can be as small as helping someone make a decision on what lipstick shade to buy or where to travel best for the Christmas holidays. Input is very, very important. At least to me, it is!

As I’ve mentioned, the things I really like blogging about are my travel and food adventures, as well as stuff about makeup and skincare–you know, the girly stuff! Every now and then I find myself writing about other things like biking and writing. Maybe my life choices as well? I write stuff that may be helpful for other readers, especially those coming from the Philippines since that’s where I live. I write because my Twitter is basically full of these things and it’s time to kick it up a notch by actually writing a whole post about it instead of a 140-character tweet.

I’ve never really had any followers so I’m not sure what to expect if that happens but I do hope that people who have the same interests as I do find my thoughts helpful. I always tend to search for reviews online all the time and I find that it’s quite lacking in terms of detail sometimes. It helps me, yes, but sometimes I just need more details! I want to be a blogger who can help give a solution to that. Followers who like interacting and sharing their own thoughts are very welcome!

If I do blog successfully, I hope that I would be able to run a blog that’s able to post every now and then. Having a blog that’s able to help others is also important to me. At least I know that what I’m posting is never just a shout into the void. If I’m really that successful, maybe I can help pay the bills. If you know what I mean! 🙂


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