Luho is a Filipino word which means objects or hobbies that take up so much money and time that it’s considered impractical and reserved only for the rich. (I’m not sure what that translates to English.) For example, the usual luho of a woman may be makeup. She spends so much time and money on learning about it and buying makeup but makeup is not her job or her means to earn a living. She spends time and money on it because she wants to. Different people have their different luho. I’d like to ponder on my own addiction today.

A few days ago, I was searching for a photography class at Trade School Manila because I know I’ve seen one before. Also, they’re cheaper. Bartering for knowledge has been so appealing to me since the day I first knew about it. To my dismay, however, there were none offered at the moment so I Google-d instead until I found a certain mentor that can help me with my interest in photography.

Photography has been one of my recent interests aside from blogging, writing, and makeup. In the three interests I’ve mentioned, I always make sure that I am adept with them. I want to know more about what I’m doing and I want to be good at it so I always look for workshops and events that can help me. It’s never been easy for me because I always find these workshops expensive. Paying $50 for a 2-hour makeup workshop? That’s very expensive to me considering that I’m a student. I’ve been telling people about these interests and they know about what I like–they know that I’m interested in learning more. But one day, as I was telling my cousin about my plans, she told something that slapped me hard in the face. “Ang dami mo namang luho.” (You have too many luhos.)

Which made me think, am I really that of a big spender? Do I spend so much on things that I probably won’t make money from?

I have to be quite honest with you. I don’t plan on taking blogging, writing, makeup, and photography too seriously. I just work on it as a hobby. I want to be good at my hobbies and I think that’s alright. My cousin’s statement made me think about the things I would do just to improve my hobbies–even if it means spending cash.

There were a lot of times I sorted them in my head over and over again until I realized that, no, this is not a waste of time. This is not impractical. What is so wrong with wanting to learn in order to be good? We get our education to achieve just that. I set aside what my cousin told me because I believe that sharpening my skills and being good at what I like doing is essential to knowing who I am as a person.

In life, when we’re ask to describe ourselves, we can’t just say our names and our physical characteristics. At some point, we are allowed to say that we’re good at something and actually be proud of it. As of the moment, I know I might be spending too much but what I can say is that if everyone else is allowed to spend on material things like crazy, I’m also allowed to spend money so I could learn. What is so wrong about learning?

I know that a lot of people out there are being discouraged to do what they want because other people tell them not to. What I can say though is that paying attention to these things is highly unnecessary because they’re not the boss of us. Our interest is sacred. Our pursuit for knowledge should be honored. If you want to learn how to photograph, go learn about it! Spend money if that’s what it takes but be on the look out for the best deals out there. Make sure that quality is good so you don’t end up wasting money. Do you want to learn how to cook? Watch some free videos on the internet. Do you need more than that? Go enroll yourself in a culinary class!

At the end of the day, we all want mastery over the things we love doing and there’s nothing wrong with that. These things are what makes us who we are. We should be proud of that. And you’ll never know! You may get the chance to make money out of it because you’re just so good even if you don’t expect it!

Do you think spending money on workshops is my luho? What is yours? Don’t forget to comment down below!


One thought on “Luho

  1. The thing is, I guess most of the time, it’s hard to tell whether some recurrent activity is a luho or otherwise (like being ‘in the process’ or something), before quite some time. 🙂 An interesting word, by the way.


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